torstai 25. helmikuuta 2010

Hollywood - here we come!

Me and my colleague have been exhilarated about the fact that we have been asked to plan a Hollywood Theme Party for 9-year old girls! This theme feels like so much fun - glamour, gossip and giggles!

The 10 girls will arrive to the party with a school bus and greet the Mehubileet Glamorous Superstars with drinks served from elegant champagne glasses. The plans will include a beauty salon and a VIP dressing room with sparkly accessories, hats, gloves, sunglasses, jewellery and scarfs. The room will also include a launge waiting area with some hollywood gossip magazines and snacks.

After a make-over the girls will try their skills on a red carpet catwalk and have pictures taken of each modelling superstar. Oscars will be handed out accompanied by enormous applauds, and lastly before hot dogs and ice cream the girls will learn and perform a dance choreography. As the birthday girl apparently just loves dancing this will be a fun way to end the party and send some tired but happy Hollywood girls back to their homes.

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