lauantai 6. helmikuuta 2010

It might be addictive...

Planning a kids party starts often with a call to Mehubileet. The basics are discussed - how many kids, what are the ages, what is the budget, what kind of things does the birthday kid enjoy... This might be the very first time that the event is thought about in any detail. Ideas start to emerge. Options are endless, wishes are diverse, kids are all unique.

The phone call may only be the beginning to a bigger process. Sometimes things are very straight forward: There is a party, service is needed, time is limited. But what happends if the customer gets hooked in the planning! It is like building a house: First you need a basic plan, and once you get going you realize that there are so many fun things you can incorporate! Parties can be big and they can be HUGE. But most of all they are so much fun to plan for! And a lot of times we end up feeling this excitement together with the customer. I guess this has to be accepted as a hazard of the business: You might just get addicted!

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