perjantai 6. heinäkuuta 2012

Canada Day party!

Canada Day is an important event in our family and since it is also very close to my hubby's birthday there is a great opportunity to combine these two and a fabulous reason to celebrate!

Red & white - the colours of the day! And such a beautiful day it was - we lucked out with the weather again.

Balloons greeting people at the entrance.

The dessert table was a feast for the eyes - last year we also discovered that a self-service Ice Cream booth is a fun and easy idea for a summer party.

Here I am trying my best at being the hostess with the mostess:)

Cupcakes were decorated with Canada flags in coctail sticks... these were made by my amazing co-worker Jenni, who spent a few hours crafting them.

And the Canada cookies were a big hit:)

What a sweet day!

The buffet table was filled with with pies, dippies and salads:

Tomato-mozzarella sticks in a real Canada style.. 
Cool drinks and hot grill - what more can you ask for!

BBQ master at work..

The kids were being entertained with games, crafts, face painting, bouncy castle... well as the wonderful Pippi Longstocking!

Whereas the adults were entertained by this great duo called Jag. With their cool sound and awesome cover songs they really got the party going - I can warmly recommend! (for reservations you can email them at )

And the final song was for the birthday boy - what a happy day for us all!