tiistai 9. helmikuuta 2010

The wonderful world of shopping!

Our 3,5 year old daughter has proven to be an amazing shopper. I suppose this isn't exactly something to be proud about... But at least we had some good laughs when my daughter's beloved auntie was sharing her stories and videos with us.

Auntie decided to spend some quality time with our daughter and take her to a girls day out. They headed to a shopping mall and a fantastic little girls clothing store called Gymboree. I can easily understand my daughters reactions as we watched the video of the following events. The picture was priceless: Her serious face was most determined while she held on to every single cute dress in the store. She hoarded braceletts, shoes and sunglasses under her arms and around her wrists. And when the friendly sales-lady suggested to hold some of her things for her, she declared that no help was needed since she actually had one more finger left!

The more boring part of the experience was to "leave some dresses for next time" The exhilaration of shopping soon became a confusion of: "Why?", "But I LOVE it!" and "I want it!"

As my daughter commanded the sales-lady not to give away any of the cute dresses to other people, she finally agreed to narrow down to only a few shopping bags and continue for some hot dogs and Jugo Juice.

Even as this story was funny and cute for us it makes me wonder if my daughter is too spoiled... In these times of abundance, how do you raise a child with appreciation and grace? It is not an easy task, is it.

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