sunnuntai 2. toukokuuta 2010

Under the Sea

Pictures by: Anna Kauppila

My daughter's 4 years birthday party was spent Under the Sea. I had been requested for this theme many months in advance and preparations took place by ways of collecting required props & decorations as well as planning for the activities.

As the kids arrived they were able to through a few coins in to a Wishing Well - this is something that we organized instead of gifts - half of the money was donated to charity and half was used for a gift that the birthday girl was able to pick herself.

The kids started out by adventuring through some activity stations - including a pool of balls, a crafts station where a Real Mermaid helped in creating a big aquarium, a Pirate's Cave, where the kids received tattoos on their arms, and were also able to pick golden chocolate coins from an old chest, and finally the "fishing" game, that was assisted by a Pink Pirate and an Old Fisherman.

While trying out all the fun stations the kids gulped down some lunch - fish shaped sandwiches, seashell pasta, octopuss hotdogs and goldfish snacks.

Finally it was time for the Big Surprise! The Mermaid had promised to show the kids a way to her Secret Kingdom! All kids followed her in a perfect order - and with such enthusiasm - to the end of the Pirate's Cave. Here the Mermaid showed a secret pathway by ripping open black plasticks that had been covering a door. Through this door the kids were able to step into the Oceanic Kingdom - a ballroom that I had passionately decorated with scene setters, blow-up decorations, fish nets, and turquoise fabrics. I had even organized an under the sea video that was projected on one of the walls.

A table was set with sweets and desserts; cupcakes, fish shaped cookies, seashell chocolates and fish candies. The little mermaids, pirates, divers and sharks sat down and ate with pleasure. The party was ended with guitar accompaniment and songs of pirates, little ducks, frogs, sailing etc.

This production was perhaps my favourite ever, everything went exactly the way I had planned - and that's quite a treat by itself - yet the biggest reward is the joy & laughter of the kids. One of a kind party!

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