perjantai 15. heinäkuuta 2011

Summer Party

We hosted a garden party this week to celebrate summer and a birthday. The weather turned out perfectly and dozens of our friends & neighbours joined us. Adults were entertained with food and drinks, and kids had a blast with a bouncy castle, arts & crafts station, games, face painting, and an ice cream sundae bar!

I picked red and white for the party theme colours. All the guests received a red and white lei once they arrived to the party. I also decorated with red and white pom pom's - I tried making these for the first time and was surprised how much time and work it requires - it looks a lot easier than it actually is!

Kids had their own little side-party with an activity coordinator and lots of fun things to do. Parents were able to relax and enjoy so much more while the kids were kept busy!

Adults were quite excited about the welcome drinking game "The Strings of Doom". Our friend Alex came up with it... The game is actually as thrilling as it sounds - pulling a random string will lift up a bottle that is attached to it in the other end.. and you will pour a shot of the selected booze!

We also had an ice cream sundae bar and with a variety of sauces, sprinkles, whipping cream and cocktail umbrellas.

Food composed of bbq meats and sausages, as well as sides and salads. There were washed down with delicious home-made lemonade!

Sweets and cake were served in party theme colours ofcourse.

Big and manly cake candle for the birthday boy!

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