sunnuntai 22. toukokuuta 2011

In the making of a disco party

I'm so excited about a disco-themed party that I get to help plan for next Tuesday. The colour scheme is delicious and easy to build on. Glitter, pink, black and silver, mirrors, disco balls, old vinyl records for decorations. This party seems to be coming together very well. One of my best friends in the preparations has been this hot pink spray paint that I bought from a hardware store. See what it can do:

Boring looking glass dishes are magically altered into something much more interesting... this tip I actually stole from the Cakes likes a party -blog.

I hoarded a bunch of old vinyl records from a flee-market and plan to use these as decorations on the walls and on the dessert table. I used shiny pink wrapping paper to make all the records look similar and fit the colour palette of the party...

One of my ideas is to use these records and the spray painted pink cups to build cupcake stands! Doesn't this look nice? I'm pretty proud of it.

I also altered an old pair of boring not-so-white boots into party gear for myself!

Such pretty colour they are... maybe I could consider wearing these even after the party?

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