maanantai 26. huhtikuuta 2010

The big spring cleaning

Last summer I fulfilled my daughter's (or was it mommy's?) big dream and built a wonderful little playhouse in the garden. Pink walls, lace curtains, romantic furniture, cute pictures on the walls... decorating it was so much fun! The playhouse was finally revealed from under the snow a couple of weeks ago, and I had to do the courageous deed of putting my head in to see the mess-after-winter. Add a couple of weeks of muddy weathers with kids carrying in some "soup" from puddles and wet earth in their shoes - and the disaster was hurting my soul.

I know, I know... it is the kids playhouse, and it will always get messy. But it is so very hard to keep hands off! A few efficient hours with brooms and brushes did good, and now we have a new rule - take your shoes off before entering! But please - have fun and don't let mommy ruin it for you!

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